The old capital of Bulgaria is a natural centre of cultural tourism- in Veliko Tarnovo you can visit more than 140 cultural historical sites of national importance:

  • You can feel the Bulgarian spirit in the unique ensemble of reinforced stone houses and lavishly drawn churches in the village of Arbanassy
  • The multitude of monasteries in the surroundings of Veliko Tarnovo have been preserving the Bulgarian tradition through the ages. In Preobrajensky Monastery established by tsar Ivan Alexander, you can see monumental wall paintings and drawings by famous artists, and valuable books and icons from the Middle Ages. The fine constructed bell- tower is build by Kolyo Ficheto. The patriarchy monastery "The Holy Trinity" established by Patriarch Eutimius and Kapinovsky Monastery are nearby.
  • "St Dimitar " church is located below the north eastern slope of Trapezitsa Hill, on the riht bank of the river Yantra. It is the oldest Veliko Tarnovo church from the middle ages. It related to the declaration of tha Bulgarian rebellion against Byzantine slavery in 1185 under the leadership of the boyars Peter and Assen.
  • Tsarevets castle dating back from the Middle Ages and the amazing audio-visual performance "Sound and light"- the only one of its kind on the Balkans- recreate the magnificence of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.
  • Samovodska Charshiya square is the old market in the old capital. At the beginning of the 19th century together with the extension of the town there was made a market square with a lot of trade and craft workshops, baker's and cafes. The present craftsman workshops recreate the Bulgarian National Revival atmosphere of the past.
  • In the picturesque complex "Etara" in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains old Bulgarian crafts are being preserved in their original style. A lot of fulling mills, goldsmith, pottery, timber, baker and other workshops are still functioning and together with the old style houses, they are a part of the unique colorful imagery and authentic atmosphere of the complex.
  • You can also find the famous Dryanovsky Manastery nearby. It dates back from the 12th century and during the April Rebellion it turned into a defensive fortress for the rebels who fought under the leadership of the priest called Hariton. Destroyed by fire in the battle, today the monastery is restored and keeps the memory of the heroic events around the Liberation of Bulgaria.
  • Along the river Andaka near Dryanovsky monastery you can find Bacho Kiro cave. It is interesting with its natural formations as well as the discovered traces of cave life dating back from the Paleolithic Ages.

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